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Virtua Studios Drops Teaser for VFLECTS: Battle For Virtua Prime

VFLECTS: Battle For Virtua Prime

Virtua Studios, which is a division of Virtua, has dropped a brand new teaser for their AAA Web43 game VFLECTS: Battle For Virtua Prime, which was developed in partnership with Stainless Games.

In the strategy-based action/puzzler game, players are challenged to take control of a squad of VFLECT characters to navigate dozens of levels and environments, facing combat, and having to use strength and agility challenges along with puzzles.

Within this game, the squad members are actually unique NFTs that come with a variety  of playable and customizable cards to take on any challenge.

“What an exciting moment in the production of VFLECTS: Battle For Virtua Prime” Doug Dyer, head of Virtua Studios said in a release. “We’ve been busy working on the game for some time and are dedicating the resources necessary to produce a AAA product that will attract both traditional and Web3 gamers alike. It’s great to finally give everyone a chance for a first look.

“Developing a game designed for both Web3 and Web2 audiences, we’re really pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in games development,” said Jawad Ashraf, CEO of Virtua. “We’re introducing groundbreaking new features, which will enable all our games to integrate with the Virtua metaverse and provide seamless interoperability – where what you do in the game will affect your metaverse experience and vice versa.”

“VFLECTS: Battle For Virtua Prime has been created by gamers, for gamers” Neil Barnden, Game Director, Stainless Games said. “This game is the beginning of a long-term franchise that will attract both traditional and crypto gamers alike, with deep hooks into the Virtua metaverse; showcasing user-generated content, interoperability between games, and much more.”

The game is currently slated to launch it’s MVP in early 2023.

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